Democracy delayed in Nigeria

Friends of Missions International

Nigeria (MNN) — On one hand, Nigeria’s
government is vowing to take out all of Boko
Haram’s camps before the general elections
March 28.
One the other hand, Boko Haram is taunting the
government by continuing to raid, bomb, and
kidnap with near impunity. Their growing
brazenness has led to an aggressive expansion of
their so-called caliphate, an Islamic state ruled
under a caliph.
A case in point: Boko Haram stepped up cross-
border raids and suicide bombings in Niger this
week, sending waves of panicked residents into
Zinder, Niger’s second-biggest town.
According to the U.S. council on foreign relations,
roughly 10,000 people have died in the Islamic
uprising over the past year, compared to 2,000 in
the previous four years. Although Nigeria’s
government has issued tough rhetoric and
curfews, its struggle with the group is seen as
largely ineffective.


(Credit:online )

In fact, it feels like the latest government…

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